The Terrace at Woodland

January 2020

December Re-cap
December was full of good cheer. Many people came to visit The Terrace during the month to spread joy throughout the facility. Denti Elementary school Chorus group blessed us with their voices on December 14th. The residents all came out to listen to the caroling and enjoy the com- pany of the young visitors. They were not the only group to perform for the residents, Delta Methodist church and Rome Alliance Church also came and did caroling around the building.

During cooking club we made many different types of Christmas cookies. (residents submitted recipes and they were selected at random) We reminisced about the cookie making process when they were young and how modern inventions have made life easier.

The residents enjoyed some last minute trips out shopping for loved ones Christmas presents at the local stores. We had an impromptu lunch out to Eddie’s diner where we had hot beef sandwiches served with a heaping helping of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Looking Forward
As we look forward to the New Year my hope is for bigger and better progress. I want all of you to put Exercising down as your resolution and show up to class everyday at 9:30 to better your health!

Cooking club will be hard at a work making all the winter favorites. If you have any suggestions please drop by and let Kim know or tell the front desk and we will do our best to make it happen.

Crafting this winter is off to an amazing start. We have many wooden decoration planned for our rooms and dining room centerpieces to make our dining experience even better.

New Year’s Resolutions
As the New Year begins we all make resolutions to better ourselves. I want to focus on being healthy and happy here at the Terrace at Woodland. My wish for all of you is join in the activities. Exercise class is a great way to start your day. We all need to stay fit and why not have fun while you do that. I have seen many friendships made in my class . If group exercise is not your forte walking the building is a good way to get your heart rate up and benefit us.